Black Market Nexus (EE)


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Black Market Nexus is the gilded edition of Black Market Digital.


  • Silver holographic pixel gilding
  • Lavish, custom tuckbox printed by Boschiero and Newton
  • Experimental metallic paper with modern texture
  • Silver foil (inside and outside) and letterpress on Box
  • It’s sealed and numbered, only around 555 units made.

🔮 Preorder – This item is a preorder. It will be shipped in Fall/Winter 2022.

🔒 Eternal Edition (EE) – This deck is mainly available for TWI Patrons.

Shipped from the USA – Made by USPCC.

Out of stock

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Holopixel gilding

Like its “cousin” BM Crypto, Nexus will have a pixelated silver holographic gilding. Nexus should be even more holographic compared to Crypto, since the red color of the latter covered a little the holographic effect.

An experimental, gorgeous tuck box

However, the gilding isn’t the only key feature of Nexus. I worked with Boschiero&Newton on a crazy, lavish tuckbox. The paper used for this deck is fantastic: it’s an extremely metallic gray/blue paper, with a modern texture. It’s dark and bright at the same time and it looks crazy. This paper will be letterpressed and foiled (outside and inside).

Super rare?

Nexus is an EE deck (Patreon exclusive) and available mainly for Patrons. It’s sealed, numbered and limited to 555 decks ONLY

Consider this is a very, very low number since it’s included into Patreon Monthly Swords.

Basically, 350 decks are “booked” by Patrons already — there will be less than 200 decks available for everyone else (Patrons who want more, future bundles, replacements, my own copies…)

Apart from Eva White Rose and Devotion (which are rarest for their “yearly reward” nature), Nexus is probably the rarest deck offered in 2022 Monthly Rewards.


  • This item is a preorder and won’t be shipped right away.
  • Heavy shipping damages or lost packages will be fixed with another copy, or a full/partial refund in coupon codes you can use on or
  • This item is shipped by Gambler’s Warehouse from the USA


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