Mystery Uncut Prototype


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For surprise-lovers, here is a TWI Uncut Prototype

🦝 Mystery – This item include a random Uncut Prototype

💰 One of a Kind – Prototypes are one of a kind, read the description for more informations

Out of stock

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TWI Uncut Prototypes are the uncut sheets that factory send me before approving the whole production. These items are usually printed on one side only in CYMK – Pantone colors (metallics, Invisible inks and Neon) are NOT active. These are different from the mass produced uncut sheet of the same deck and are always one of a kind (the factory always send just 1 uncut).

It’s possible to ask for a specific uncut sheet prototype via email at (it will be more expensive than this item, of course)

Uncut Sheet prototypes are signed and numbered 1/1.

These items are used by me to check issues – they are in good condition, but minor flaws might happen. I’ll pick mint condition uncuts first 🙂


  • This bundle include a prototype (one of a kind) uncut sheet of Thirdway Industries.
  • The Uncut Sheets are picked randomly.
  • There is no limit on this product: you can get as many as you wish.
  • If you purchase multiple bundles they will be likely all different.


  • Mystery Uncut Sheets are random
  • Heavy shipping damages or lost packages will be fixed with a DIFFERENT uncut sheet or a full/partial refund in coupon codes you can use on or
  • This item is shipped from Italy and signed by Giovanni


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