Secret Envelope LV3


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An envelope shipped from Italy, filled with rare stuff signed by Giovanni. This envelope include 2 signed rare decks, at least 1 low number (less than 15), and uncut/unglued tuckboxes, booklets and/or extra cards. There is a good quantity of items included, at least 4 extra items apart from the decks. This envelope is the same as this one, but the decks included are both rare/limited and a low number (less than 15) is guaranteed. One of the decks will be also an EE or a gilded deck.

🦝 Mystery – This item include 2 random decks + other random items, mainly uncut or unglued prototypes of tuck boxes.

✍️ Signed – These items are shipped from Italy and signed by Giovanni

Apart from the decks, the items in this bundle are not mass produced – usually these are made in 1o units per item.

Out of stock

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  • The Secret Envelope is random bundle of TWI Rare (and signed) items + 2 signed rare decks
  • The signed decks are both limited, and one is guaranteed to be an EE or a gilded edition (or maybe, even both.)
  • Examples of EE/gilded: Devotion Gold/Red, Monolith Sagittarius, Egoism Peacock, Odissea Nec Plus Ultra, Betrayers Red Invictus, Conquerors Justitia …
  • At least one of the two decks will be a low number (less than 15).
  • The extra items are: tuckboxes prototypes, but it can include booklets, cards, printing proofs.
  • The items are picked randomly from the best decks I have available, usually first ones will get better items.
  • There is no limit on this product: you can get as many as you wish.
  • If you purchase multiple bundles, the items and the decks will be likely all different (not guaranteed, but I’ll do my best).
  • It’s possible add a (reasonable) suggestion of the decks you want in the notes. It’s absolutely NOT guaranteed I’ll follow it 🙂


  • The items are random
  • Heavy shipping damages or lost packages will be fixed with another copy, or a full/partial refund in coupon codes you can use on or
  • This item is shipped from Italy by Giovanni


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