On 17th April 2020 I’ve published a special page on Thirdway Industries Website. It was called “Consumerism Shrine”. It was a store where the prices of the items decrease over time. Some items on this website share the same logic.

On Third Siren, deals will be published randomly 🤑. On certain items marked by an hourglass ⌛, the prices will be constantly reduced over time. However, there are very few items available, often only one. So, if you see a deal you like, you should buy it as fast as you can. Yes, it’s cruel and nihilistic, but so it’s life. 😈

How and when the prices will be reduced?

Randomly. Some items may be reduced twice in one hour. Others will stay with the same price for a week. Warning – the prices won’t be lowered under certain points – when a limit is reached, the deal will simply disappear without notice.

Why some items are expensive?

This store often includes some super-limited items that are not usually available. Sometimes they include Signature Editions and specific numbers. Those items will start with an high price that will be reduced over time – if someone else won’t buy it first, of course 😏.

All items will have this feature?

No, only the items marked with the Hourglass ⌛

What’s the point of this store?

I am giving you an excuse to come back often, and hopefully give you a bit of fun. Yes, this is also for sell stuff, this is an e-commerce, after all.