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  • OUR PRODUCTS – Since we’re also producers, we can offer unbeatable discounts on our products too.

  • INDEPENDENT, FOR INDEPENDENTS – We collaborate directly with artists and small companies, trying to give them more visibility and support them as much as possible.

  • TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION – We believe in honest marketing. We’re genuinely trying to give you the best deal, without compromises.

  • WE VALUE YOUR PRIVACY – We WILL NEVER give out your email address or any other information to third parties, all communication will be sent by us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s it all about?
We’ll send you a newsletter full of amazing offers which will make you spend lots of money on cool stuff you’ll love. And you’re going to be very happy about it.

Why I should subscribe for being tempted by you?
Because you’re curious, crazy and bold enough to tie yourself to a mast to hear the Siren’s Call. If you don’t have a ship, your chair is okay, too.

Who is the Third Siren?
The Sirens were three, and we hired the last one as our intern. The first two are great at singing. The third one writes awesome emails.

Why a newsletter?
We have been selling things online since 2010 and during this time, we tried several forms of communications to market our products. From our experience, communication via email is the fastest and most effective method. As you can imagine, patience is not our best quality.

What products you’re going to promote?
Custom playing cards. Card games. Dices. Board Games. Games. Statues. Miniatures. Videogames. Art items. Unusual crazy products. Cool stuff.

What products you’re NOT interested to promote?
Basically, boring stuff. But we also won’t promote anything dangerous or prohibited by the law.

How many newsletter you are going to send?
The idea is send around 2 newsletters per month. But, while we’re in beta, we’ll send much less.

Who’s behind this?
We’re the same crazy guys behind Thirdway Industries. Plus a Siren intern, of course.

If the service is free both for subscribers and publishers, where do you earn from?
Actually, we don’t earn anything for now. This might seems silly, but we have our reasons: As we sell our products too, offering them through a “valuable” newsletter is very good for us. In the future, we might charge publishers for advertising with us (within reason of course). In any case, we’ll never charge subscribers.

I have an awesome product to sell, and I want to ask the Third Siren to promote it.
Great! Read this page carefully and, if you’re eligible, send us a mail.

Your english is not perfect.
Our Siren is Italian, and she learned English watching TV. She’s still learning, so please excuse her if you notice any typos or mistakes. She has many other redeeming qualities. 😉

So, are you tempted?

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