Important notes

All the items in this page are auctions – the higher bid wins the purchase.

If you want the item listed, I suggest do not wait during the last few minutes. Use the time until 17th to offer the real amount you would offer for the item: this may raise the price a little, but it also raises the chance you’ll win the item 🙂

The website does not force you to pay once the auction will be over – but please, bid only if you are really interested and you’re really willing to purchase the item when the auction is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the auction works?

All the offers have an expiring date, a minimum bid and a minimum increment (which is usually €10).

When the date is met, the higher bidder wins. The higher bidder does not pay automatically, there are 24 hours to complete the payment. If the higher bidder fails to pay within 24 hours, his/her bid is canceled and the second higher bidder will have a chance to complete the order instead. For any issue contact

Why the prices are in Euros?

Third Siren website is set with EUR currency – most of the products I am planning to sell here are shipped from Italy, and this is match Kickstarter perfectly, who is also managed in Euros. All the preorders you see on this page are shipped from USA.