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Odissea Ithaca shares the same cards as Mythica, with a digitally printed tuckbox. It’s an extremely rare deck, with the numbers of a prototype (around 10 made). It’s not technically a prototype, though. This was not supposed to be revealed or put for sale (this came straight from my personal collection) but… well, it’s TWI day =)

🔥 Extremely rare – never revealed until today, only 10 made (but so far, just 1 available – this.)

✒️ Signature – This item can be signed by the author, Giovanni Meroni. Please tell me (giovanni@thirdway.it) if you want signatures!

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Ithaca’s Story

Odissea decks were made by USPCC without box – just cellowrapped. GW made too few “official” boxes for these – this was not technically an error, since USPCC production numbers are random and impossible to control – I had a lot of “useless” decks, so to prevent to trash them I decided to rely on digital printed tuckboxes, that were turned into Odissea Nemesi (Neptune’s Cards) and Odissea Aegis (Minerva’s Cards). The first two decks had higher runs, so I had few, but enough to release a general sale of these – the problem was Mythica, that had only a super-small number of extra decks available without the box (around 10). Digital printed boxes do not have a minimum number, so I made these anyways – however, 10 decks are too few to sell normally (these will be sold in a second), so I decided to keep them in Italy as a sort of prototypes/rare stuff to unlock when there was a good occasion. It’s Thirdway Day, there are auctions, so I thought it was time to reveal this little secret.

More Ithaca?

I don’t have plans to sell other copies of Ithaca in the future, but during the next months/years I may evaluate to release this deck again, probably with another auction (not necessarily with the same terms as this one) – I consider this a sort of a experiment/prototype, not really an “official” TWI deck.


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