Mystery Trident


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For surprise-lovers, here is a Trident (3 decks) of different Thirdway Industries decks. These will be likely unlimited Thirdway Industries deck (value ~20). However, there is chance that a rarer deck could be picked. The more you buy, the higher the chance 😏

🦝 Mystery – This item include random decks.

💰 Huge value – This brick value is around $65, but probably way, way more!

👓 Variety – The decks in this bundle are all different.

Shipped from the USA

1 in stock

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  • The Mystery Trident are 3 a random decks of Thirdway Industries.
  • These decks could be limited, unlimited or excellent/gilded. The chance is 80% unlimited, 15% limited, 5% gilded.
  • Black Friday Special – At least 1 deck will be limited!
  • The decks are picked randomly
  • There is no limit on this product: you can get as many as you wish.
  • If you purchase multiple bundle they will be likely (but NOT guaranteed) to be all different.

This bundles can include any deck from Thirdway Industries: from Delirium Insomnia to Egoism Peacock.


  • Decks are random, and cannot be picked or swapped.
  • Heavy shipping damages or lost packages will be fixed with another copy, or a full/partial refund in coupon codes you can use on or
  • This item is shipped by Gambler’s Warehouse from the USA


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