Important notes

All the items you order on this page will be added to your current Q4 Patreon, shipped at the end of 2022

Apart from the counter on the product page, there is no limit: you can order as many decks as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to do a bulk purchase. Can I have a discount?

The prices on this preorder are VERY good already. However, if we’re talking about bricks or multiple uncut sheets… yeah. You can have a discount. Contact me at

Why you’re releasing the preorders on this website? website is linked to GW database. Every order will be made there will be shipped automatically. If you purchase on Third Siren, I can merge the order(s) you do here with your Kickstarter (or Patreon) rewards manually.

Why the prices are in Euros?

Third Siren website is set with EUR currency – most of the products I am planning to sell here are shipped from Italy, and this is match Kickstarter perfectly, who is also managed in Euros. All the preorders you see on this page are shipped from USA.