Here are the Patreon decks available for purchase:

Uncut Sheets

JAN 2021

x1 Conquerors Vendetta

Value $50


FEB 2021

x1 Conquerors Vendetta

Value $50


MAR 2021

x1 Monolith Singularity

Value $65


APR 2021

x1 Monolith Horizon

Value $65


MAY 2021

x2 Egoism Rust

Value $50


JUN 2021

x2 Project BM

Value $50


If you subscribed a Sword Reward after March 2021, you’re able to integrate the previous months paying $35(€30)/month for get the monthly rewards you missed. If you integrate all the previous months (since January) you will be eligible also for the annual reward.

Please contact me via email ( or message me via Patreon for integrate previous months.

⚠️ This is valid only for the first weeks of July, then I won’t allow integrations anymore for all 2021! ⚠️

Shipping is always included for US, EU, UK, NZ, AU, CA, CH, NO – Other countries should add +$10/month for shipping. Feel free to contact me if you need help or more info!

Important notes

All the items you order on this page will be added to your current Patreon Reward, shipped in late July / early August 2021 (delays may happens).

This is the reason that all the items are FREE SHIPPING.

Apart the counter on the product page, there is no limit: you can order as many decks as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a Patron. Can I order the items above?

No, you cannot. The offers on this page are reserved to Patrons. There will be a general public release on Thirdway Industries website, of course with higher prices. Anyways… if you’re not a Patron, what you’re doing here? 😈

The items can go sold out?

I am keeping a reserve of decks for replacements and bundles, but the decks I am offering here are almost all the ones I have. So yes, potentially Patrons can purchase almost all the decks, preventing the “public release”. I am not expecting this, though.

I want to do a bulk purchase. Can I have a discount?

The prices on this preorder are VERY good already. However, if we’re talking about bricks or multiple uncut sheets… yeah. You can have a discount. Contact me at

Why you’re releasing the preorders on this website?

Thirdway Industries website is linked to GW database. Every order will be made there will be shipped automatically. If you purchase on Third Siren, I can merge the order(s) you do here with your Patreon reward.

Why the prices are in Euros?

Third Siren website is set with EUR currency, since most of the products I am planning to sell here are shipped from Italy. However, all the preorders you see on this page are shipped from USA.

Third Siren wasn’t a different project some years ago?

Yes, it was – but it didn’t went well as expected, mainly because it was too time consuming and I had better things to do (like design decks for Patrons). However I like the theme and name, so I’ve kept the website as a secondary e-commerce.

What is Project BM?

It’s a secret project. You’ll see. Don’t ask me questions, I won’t reply 🙂