Eva Noire Prototype (2 items)


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These are the USPCC Prototypes of the boxes of Eva Noire. This set is unique (1/1) and include a total of 2 items:

  • Eva Noire Front Uncut Prototype (1/1)
  • Eva Noire Back Uncut Prototype (1/1)

1 in stock

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  • These items are printed in CYMK, different from the “real” product (which is usually printed in offset with Pantone colors).
  • The prototypes might have minor damages on sides and are roughly cut – their purpose is check if everything is fine before approving the final print.
  • These are slightly used since I’ve checked them carefully before printing.
  • There are different uncut sheets for front and the back. The other side of every uncut is blank.
  • This item is unique and signed (1/1)
  • Shipping from Italy is included

Consumering Shrine!

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