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It’s almost Black Friday, and the best way to celebrate is an incredible deal you cannot refuse, even if it’s not totally clear what you’ll buy.

Kidding apart: this item is a random mystery deck of Thirdway Industries. It can be rare or unlimited, simple or gilded.

If you pick multiple copies of this item in the same order, the Thirdway Elves will try to avoid duplicates as most as possible. I am dressed as Santa when I am writing this.

I’m not sure why you are still reading. Click the “Add to basket” button as quick as you can!

Of course this silly item will be removed after Black Friday.

🦝 Mystery – This item include random decks.

💰 Great value – This deck has a value from $20 to $200. It’s totally random.


6 in stock

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  • Oh no, I have to write an explanation again. Just buy this, do not read the next bullet point.
  • Okay you want explanations, let’s explain then:
  • The decks are picked totally randomly, with a super scientific accurate method:
  • We’re using a blindfolded Elf that is throwing darts on a wall of decks.
  • Don’t worry, the deck won’t have dart wounds. It will be in good condition.
  • There is no limit on this product: you can get as many as you wish.
  • If you purchase multiple decks they will be likely (but NOT guaranteed) to be all different.
  • Not that I have to suggest strategies for snag limited decks here, but of course the more you pick, the more the % to get better stuff.
  • Happy Black Friday and sorry for being silly 🙂


  • The deck is random
  • Heavy shipping damages or lost packages will be fixed with another copy, or a full/partial refund in coupon codes you can use on or
  • This item is shipped by Gambler’s Warehouse from the USA

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