Hello there! If you’re here, it means I’ve personally invited you.

Third Siren is a newsletter for advertise products like playing cards, coins, collectibles, games – and I would be really happy to have you aboard.

Basically, I am building a newsletter of collectors, gamers and geeks and I am searching partners to have quality content, products and offers to share.

Let me clarify that this won’t cost you anything. The service is 100% free for you.

If you like the idea, I just need a confirmation via e-mail ( mailthesiren@gmail.com ).

I would really appreciate if you want to give me an exclusive discount on your personal shop I can share with my database. Even a 5% or 10% would be good, and it can be limited in time, even for few days.

Also, if you want to, send me your logo and I will eventually include it in Third Siren main page, of course linked to your site/shop.

I am sure you have questions – below there are some answers, but of course feel free to ask to me directly via message or mail.

Thank you for your attention!


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This is just to receive the Newsletter, not for promote your content. For that, read below 🙂

What Third Siren newsletter offers:

  • A growing audience, of interested people Our audience is very specific and interested in purchase items. Our objective is drive you SALES, not just views/exposure.

  • High performance and instant way to communicateWe have tried any form of communications on our products, but the newsletter is the most aggressive and immediate, in terms of sales.

  • Valuable communicationYour message will be put in a newsletter with other valuable content.

  • Everything here is FREE – As long we’re in beta, promote through Third Siren is completely free. Yes, that’s for real and without fine prints. The only thing I ask is to give me a good, exclusive discount or valuable content to share with my subscribers.

What I need to do to?

If you’re here you have been invited – so you’re already eligible for Third Siren newsletter.

The only thing that would ask you is a custom exclusive discount on your products/shop I can share on my newsletter – this can be limited for few days or weeks if you want to – The very best would be a coupon code. This is not mandatory, but it would really improve the performance for us both.

Apart this, you just need to Sumbit your content via email. It’s very easy and fast, here is the instructions page.

Want to Endorse the Third Siren?

If you want help me promoting Third Siren to your audience I would really appreciate it.

Of course if you’ll help me in this early stage of the project, I will do my best to return the favour in future, when the subscribers will be many more.

If you are interested, please let’s talk about this via email ( mailthesiren@gmail.com ) or PM.

So, are you in? Check

How to send your content

Publisher’s FAQs

How does the Third Siren cost?
Until we’re in Beta, promote with us is 100% FREE. No surprises.

How does this work?
You give us the content (usually a blurb of the product to promote, pictures and a very good, exclusive discount valid for few days) and we’ll share it on our newsletter. We might make adjustments, always sharing them with you before publish them. If you want detailed informations about how submit content, read this.

Why do you want an exclusive discount?
A newsletter is way more effective if we share a real, limited, exclusive offer. If our subscribers know we’re working this way, they will likely insta-buy all the things they like – since they’ll be aware that the discount is real.

Can I promote my Kickstarter with you?
Normally, No. We prefer avoid promote Kickstarters because you can’t grant us an exclusive discount. However, if your project is unique or super cool, we might decide to make an exception. If you’re helping me promoting Third Siren in the early stage, this rule may not be applied for you 😉

How many subscribers you have?
At the moment, not many. But we’re working hard to make them grow.

I can’t give you an exclusive discount. Can we work together anyways?
Normally, no. We want to give to our subscribers real, good discounts. However, if you have a super cool, new product, we might decide to share it anyways as “valuable content”. This is an exception, though, and we can’t do this multiple times.

How many newsletter you’ll send to subscribers?
When everything will be at full capacity, our idea is 2 newsletter per month.

Can I promote my product on multiple newsletters?
Not the same product with the same discount. We prefer give to our subscribers different offers to make the newsletter always interesting.

Can I ask you about analytics, trackings, data?
As long we’re in Beta, we don’t give data about our newsletter performance – we’re working on this!