Last TWO Imperfect Bricks

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An ode to imperfection, this bundle includes a total of 24 TWI random damaged decks.

  • The extent of the damages is variable. Usually we’re talking about wounded corners, but you can receive also almost mint decks.
  • The decks are damaged but usable – the cards are very likely in perfect condition.
  • The decks included can be of any level or rarity, but at least 2 will be very rare.
  • I’ll try to include different decks.

For its nature, it’s not possible return or ask refund for damages.


Out of stock

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GW sent me the list of ALL TWI damaged decks since I started design playing cards – The total of damaged items is 564, which is quite insane (I’ve produced certain decks with a smaller run than this)!

Even if they’re damaged, they’re usable – I believe they can be very nice to use/open, so I decided to make this Imperfect Bundle, that include several different damaged decks.

Plus, at least 1 will be super-rare: I’m talking about Devotion, Eva White Rose, Fantasma Duplex, Caelum, Crypto, Midas and many more.

I’ll do my best to include different decks in the bundle (not guaranteed).


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