Secret Experiments V2

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This bundle includes from 6 to 10 different “experiments” made by Boschiero&Newton and TWI. These have the size of an uncut tuckbox (between A4 and A5)

  • You can receive various (random) uncut tuck boxes: Memoria (Entropia or the Bronze Mirror Foil), Black Market, Heartless, the “Memoria Foil Experiments” (see below) and even secret, unannounced future projects.
  • You cannot pick a specific design (some are unique/limited) BUT I accept suggestions if you want something specific ( Cannot promise, but I’ll try to accomodate your request if possible.
  • The minimum number is 6 uncut tucks, but I’ll probably include more. I could also include some extras (not necessarily tuck boxes) 🙂
  • Shipping to any country is included!

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Out of stock

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What’s included in this envelope?

I will pick at least 6 (six) random, different uncut boxes from the categories below. I’ll try to make all the envelopes very different and worthwhile (ideally picking the most different kind of tuckboxes). I’ll also try to put the rarer ones in the first packages.

1) Official projects uncut tuck boxes

You can get complete/finished uncut tuckboxes of Memoria Entropia, Ancestrale, Aurea, Argentea, and even the “Bronze mirror” Memoria Box (experimental, “unofficial”), Heartless Abyss, Black Market Nexus.

2) Memoria Foil Experiments

These are not finished products: are just 1 layer of Memoria Ancestrale, printed with various foil colors. Some are double foiled (color + holographic overprint). These are very rare (max 10 each color made, some “unique” combinations) and, of course, won’t be ever printed again. These are printed on high quality, heavy, matte white paper.

3) Unannounced decks

Some envelopes may include some uncut tuck boxes of TWI unannounced, secret projects that will be released later in 2022 or in 2023.


Other notes

  • Boxes are random, and cannot be picked or swapped.
  • Heavy shipping damages or lost packages will be fixed with another copy, or a full/partial refund in coupon codes you can use on or
  • Most items are unique, so if a specific item is damaged or the whole box is lost, I cannot replace exactly these items.
  • This item is shipped by Giovanni in person, from Italy
  • This item can be signed on request (


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