Consumerism Shrine

There are several crazy deals on this page, and the price of the items will randomly decrease over time –
However, BEWAREEvery deal is unique, so someone else can buy it before you. If you see something you like, don’t wait!

TWI DAY Deals!

These have a fixed price (not reducing over time) and are available in multiple copies. The offers expire after 20th April, so get these while you can.

These deals are not for you?

Check the deals on – automatic quick shipping from USA, awesome prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

A special store of crazy stuff buried in Giovanni’s closet, in Italy. The items are expensive but their price will randomly decrease over time. However, every deal is unique (only 1  item available!) So, if you see a deal you like, you should buy it as fast as you can. Yes, it’s cruel and nihilistic, but so it’s life. 😈

How and when the price will be reduced?

Randomly. Some items may be reduced twice in one hour. Others will stay with the same price for a week and then have a huge discount. Some deals may also disappear without notice.

You will restock the sold out items?

Most items offered here are unique (e.g. a  specific number of a specific deck) so I’m not planning to restock sold out items.

Why some items are so expensive?

This store often includes some super-limited items that are not usually available. Sometimes they include Signature Editions and specific numbers. Those items will start with an high price that will be reduced over time – if someone else won’t buy it first, of course 😏.

What if the items are lost or damaged?

Most of these items are rare/unique, so a replacement is not guaranteed. Will do my best to find a solution though.

Why are quantities so limited?

These items are not mass produced. Are often prototypes, special or old items. I do not have big quantities of these. Most items on this store are unique.

Why the prices are in Euros?

Third Siren website is set with EUR currency, since most of the products I am planning to sell here are shipped from Italy.

Contact me at if you need info!