The X-Mystery Bricks are not available anymore! Happy Holidays =)

This store includes a selection of TWI Mystery Decks and Bundles. A great deal is always guaranteed, but if the Goddess of Luck will bless you, you can get something really special. Please read carefully the product descriptions to know the details.

Plus, there are even better deals and a FREE TWI V3 “Red Dragon” Brick Box included in every X-Mystery Brick! Merry Christmas!

Mystery Decks!

Mystery Bundles!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

This is a random decks store, for the Brave ones blessed by the Goddess of Luck. If you like surprises, this is for you.

Why it’s a Christmas Special?

Because the X-Mystery Bricks include a gift: a gorgeous V3 TWI Brick Box. This offer is valid until Christmas 2022!

Should I use TWI decks as Christmas Gifts?

This is exactly the point of this store: you can get a lot of decks with a great price, so you can use them as gifts for your friends and family. Or all for you, if you’re greedy.

What I will receive if I buy a Mystery Deck?

You will get a TWI deck. Probably unlimited, if you pick Copper. Probably limited or gilded if you pick Silver or Gold.


Yes, potentially ALL Mystery decks could include something more valuable, for example a gilded deck. However, a limited deck is always guaranteed if you purchase a Silver or Gold Mystery deck.

Is the Goddess of Luck more favourable during Christmas?

No, she favours the bold ones and she doesn’t care about Holidays. However, the TWI Elves are a little more silly when it’s snowing and they could put a little better selection in your packages.

What I will receive if I buy a Mystery Bundle?

Bundles have a better chance to land a great deal. Hexagons and Bricks have a certain numbers of limited decks guaranteed.

Can I pick the deck?

No, of course. If you want to pick specific decks, you should go to TWI Website. However, you won’t have the thrill of the surprise.

What if I don’t like what I have received?

Sell it – or give it to a friend as a gift. Returns are not allowed. Refusing the mystery would make the Goddess of Luck (and Santa Claus) furious and no one want that.

Can I pick multiple decks or bundles?

Yes! And I will do my best to include only different decks. This is not guaranteed, though, especially if you do very big orders.

Why the prices are in Euros?

Third Siren website is set with EUR currency, since most of the products I am planning to sell here are shipped from Italy. However, all the preorders you see on this page are shipped from USA.

Disclaimer – This store purpose is give TWI customers and fan good deals and the thrill/fun to get a Surprise. This should NOT be used to land a deal on a specific deck – I suggest to check Thirdway Industries website or contact me at if you need something specific.